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TFS Abridged Parody Episode 108:42

TFS Abridged Parody Episode 1

The full episode.

The Return of Raditz... Wait... is the first episode of Dragon Ball Z Abridged. It was first uploaded to YouTube on June 6, 2008 and was later re-uploaded on May 7, 2013. It marked the beginning of the Saiyan Saga.

Full synopsisEdit

On Earth, a large and beautiful landscape populated with brightly-coloured animals is seen. However, the peace is disturbed by a small pod colliding falling onto a hill, resulting in an explosion that spooks the animals. A shocked farmer becomes worried that his marijuana patch - or, his carrot patch - has been destroyed.

The distressed farmer quickly drives to the crash site with his shotgun. As he arrives at the crater, the pod opens, revealing Radditz. Unaware that the visitor is a Saiyan, the farmer assumes that it is Sonic the Hedgehog but quickly corrects himself, saying that it is an alien. Radditz, who thought that the planet would be completely barren, is shocked to see the abundance of life and wonders if Kakarot had "screwed it up" and thinks that it would have been better to send Turles.

The scared farmer quickly says "Hey you!" to Radditz and the latter analyses the human's power level with his Scouter. Finding out that the farmer's power level was only five, he approaches him. The farmer quickly shoots at Radditz but he quickly grabs the bullet and flicks it back at the frightened farmer, killing him. Unaware that the farmer is dead, Radditz tries to get a response, to no avail. This is the reason why his father did not let him keep Appule.

After some "kickass" training, Piccolo checks his Myspace profile to find no new comments or friend requests and only one friend, Tom. Suddenly, from the sky, Radditz shouts at Piccolo, asking if he is Kakarot as he needs to speak to him about something really important - killing and selling Earth. Radditz quickly descends onto the ground and sees that Piccolo is not Kakarot. Piccolo then points out that he has green skin, pointy ears and that he wears a turban and sarcastically notes that he looks like so many other people.

Radditz then says that he does not appreciate smartasses and prepares to use his signature attack - Double Sun. However, the voice actor's microphone is snatched off of him by someone else. After fighting over the mic, the original voice actor admits defeats and goes off to "practice his Vegeta". Radditz, with a different voice actor, prepares for his new signature attack - keep your eye on the ball. However, his Scouter picks up a higher power levels and he flies off to investigate it. The smug Piccolo then says to the departing Radditz that he did not want his company anyway.

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